“Conflicts Within” Poem

This poem reflects the conflict between the holy desires Christians have versus the sinful deeds of the flesh. It is inspired in part by the Apostle Paul’s words in Romans 7:15.

Written by Addison Riddleberger

On the same floor to God I cry
My sinful mind will drift awry
In the same room the Spirit speaks
Havoc, my shameful thoughts wreak

In the same home where I eat and pray
The world juts in and my will decays
In the same city to church I go
I hesitate to share the gospel I know

In the same world God gifted to me
My being dishonors His creation carefree
In the same soul that knows Christ crucified
I add to his pain and show why he died

All that I am and everywhere I roam
I bear the burden of the conflict I’ve sown
Not against others, places, or things
But between my heart, mind, and Him not seen

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