“Sight” Poem

This poem is one that contrasts worldly sight with spiritual sight. Its inspiration comes from the words and actions of Jesus in John 9, in which he heals a man born blind.

Written by Addison Riddleberger

What’s sharp vision or clarity of sight
When there’s nothing see but the dark of night?
We were born in the grave, ensconced in strife
Incapable of mounting to any true life

We grasp at the void, clutching the air
Embracing the gloom of this utter nightmare
As the abyss expands, so to do our desires
The further we fall, the more we require

Out of the black, came the light of ten suns
Illuminating my world, I wanted to run
For the darkness I seized were horrible worms
And my descent was to fire and perpetual burns

I looked upward at the source of the bright
The one that completely ignited my plight
Voices harmonized exclaiming “come and see!”
And one voice broke through, saying “follow me”

The shadows had vanished as I grabbed His hand
It was a wash of peace in this grey wasteland
The way, truth, and life had seen my fall
He saved me by grace, I answered His call

Seeing nothing isn’t seeing, I admit
Just as living death isn’t living one bit
There’s now just one thing I cannot see
Just why that is, that he’d chosen me

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