“The Distance Jesus Came” Poem

Jesus Christ came mighty far for you. This poem attempts to capture the blissful, perfect life that Christ left behind in order to bring us to repentance and salvation.

Written by Addison Riddleberger

He traded off His perfect form
For a little one, so humbly born
He put away the brilliant robes
To wear anew our simple clothes

He said goodbye to angelic fleets
To walk along our dirty streets
He set out far from heaven’s sands
To slowly die by human hands

He left a place where tears don’t drop
To suffer on that wretched cross
He came from day that never ends
To condemn the dark inside of men

He withdrew from His vibrant throne
That He might call us His very own
He reverently left His Father above
To pave our way in truth and love

When you’re heavy-laden and ashamed
Recall the distance from which He came
Jesus crossed from life to death
To bring us victory and give us rest

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