Give Me Over

A poem based on the teachings of Romans chapter one.

This is a poem that reflects two concepts in Romans 1:18-32. First, that man was intended to glorify God. Second, that men exchanged the handiwork of God for idols and sin. It concludes with a thankfulness to God that he pulls us out of the more through faith in Christ.

Green grass flows across open meadows
Blue skies touch the deep waters below
Red blood pours from wounds on Calvary
To God be the glory for the colors we see

As lusterless candlelight licks the air
Our star’s warm light continues to care
Yet the Light of men outshines them all
For no colors exist without Him who calls

In the culmination of heaven’s dye
A rainbow glimmers from on high
But darkness festers in wicked men
Who defile creation to no end

To those who exchange His truth for sin
God gives them over, and over again
They worship creation and not the Creator
Wallow in lies that grow ever greater

Grateful I am that Christ called the blind
How fearsome to know this darkness was mine
Lord God, give me over to your honor and glory
And create in me a redemption story

Written by Addison Riddleberger

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